KMPlayer is an application or software video player which is very famous and also very many once used by people all over the world. The software or application is known as a very good player and very beautiful. This is due to the ability of KMPlayer in playing videos in HD quality with very good. In addition to the latest KMPlayer also can play almost any video format is so popular that is currently circulating on the internet.
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Maybe you have experienced, when you want to download a video and movies from the internet, it turns out that video can not you watch using the default standard windows media player and media player you have. This is because you have a media player that does not support format video or movie that you download. To address the fact there are a lot of ways, such as by changing the format of the videos that you download it to another video format support with the media player you use video converter or by installing another media player support with all the video formats that exist.

Most of us likely have ever been through this frustrating experience. There is music you want to enjoy, or a video you desperately wanted to watch it. you click the play, but then you realize if you are a regular media player does not support a specific file format. Now, if you have K-Multimedia Player (or KMP), you will be spared from the sense of frustration. This is because the KMPlayer is capable of supporting most audio and video file formats, even for an unknown format. This means that the chances are very great that you can play all the songs and videos you'd like to play.

Kmplayer Is a versatile Media Player which can cover various types of container formats e.g. VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, and QuickTime. Applications or software can handle a wide range of subtitles and allows you to capture audio, video, and screenshots in many ways.

KMPlayer program provides internal and external filters with a fully controlled environment in terms of connections to other splitters, Decoders, audio/video transform filters and renderers without trouble with DirectShow merit System. Internal filters are not registered to the user's system in order not to be fucked with a filter system.

A media player that includes and supports a variety of formats. has additional features to rotate file incomplete/damaged Avi, Locked Media files while downloading or sharing, Compressed Audio Album (zip, rar) and so on. Support a wide range of subtitles and allows you to organize audio, video, and screenshots. Even with this software KMPlayer, you'll also get features that support 3D, the ability to connect with Online TV and Online Video portals, too.

This software KMPlayer developed by a developer from South Korea, Kang Yong-Hee, and has been bought by a company in Korea's largest streaming video, Pandora TV in 2007 (this explains why software is lightweight, but support Internet TV and video streaming).

Kmplayer is a software media player is now much sought after by fans of "watch movies on a computer". If you frequently watch movies using software, then siap-siaplah fell in love with KMPlayer. In addition to lightening the capacity that is used, as well as the capabilities of the codec is owned. And certainly comparable to the quality of the audio/video are played. The following details the primacy of KMPlayer:
  • Freeware, this Software is Freeware so can be downloaded for free.
  • The quality of the output video/sound very good. At least, over Winamp. Have a sharp picture quality, clear Voice & clearer.
  • File size is small, very lightweight to run so it will memeperkecil delay in operation.
  • Allows to capture images at the time of the video running.
  • Support with lots of codecs so it does not need to wear the other software. His ability to read the various extensions of the movie with codec super complete certainly will lower the chances of errors that occur when the audio/video playback.
  • There are many skin options are cute and sweet, like me.
  • A lot of customization that can be done by the user, for example: wide screen, brightness, contrast, and more.
  • Can Create/Modify Subtitles.
  • The navigation is very friendly for the user easy operation.

Voice by default sound or sounds produced by the KMPlayer is stronger when it's compared with VLC, for example. In comparison to the volume of 60% in KMPLayer can be equal to 100% volume in VLC. In addition, we can set the default audio renderer will be used if the default sound card or other audio software addon. Example case here I use audio software audio renderer as HEAR him and when used as a sound will be echoed and boomed instead of default setting especially if combined with a Sennheiser headset MX170.

Video, this includes the advantages of KMPlayer because there are special settings to set the video renderer options ranging from his VMR 7, VMR 9, Enchaced Video Renderer, Maali's Video Renderer to Madshi Renderer. So suppose the result movie download no compatibility with any video renderer we can still choose other renderer so that obtained results more clearly.

actually there are still many other advantages but if explained thoroughly going to highly technical and tedious but generally I think that is the main point that make a 2 KMPlayer became my default video player.

Features Of The Latest KMPlayer.
  •     Already equipped with integrated Codec + replay environment
  •     Supports replay of damaged (While sending online) AVI File
  •     Supports a variety different kinds of media equipments
  •     Supports Winamp, RealMedia, QuickTime
  •     Supports many different kinds of output devices
  •     A variety of subtitle function
  •     Supports low and high specifications
  •     Supports skin function
  •     Supports Winamp (General Purpose) plug-in
  •     Supports Winamp (Visualization) plug-in
  •     ASF/ASX, RTSP etc. real time broadcast viewing function(e-sky broadcasting)
  •     Frequency analysis & wavy pattern output function when playing music
  •     Supports live equipments like TV/Camera
  •     Supports DVD
  •     Strong, stopped image capture function
  •     Video capture function
  •     Wallpaper viewing function
  •     Supports multiple audio streams
  •     Easy to use OSC(On Screen Control)
  •     Image processing function
  •     Image resizing function
  •     A variety of speech processing function
  •     Jog & shuttle for language studying function/section repetition function
  •     A variety of input, output color face function
  •     Executable using only one file
  •     Level of operating difficulty : Easy
  •     Language : Supports 24 different languages
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