Download CCleaner 5.19.5633

Download CCleaner  5.19.5633
Perhaps the most popular freeware NET globally with more than 1 billion downloads since its launch in 2003. Piriform's CCleaner is quick and easy to use program that makes your computer faster, more secure and more reliable. CCleaner deleting cookies, temporary files and various other data unused that clog up your operating system. This frees up hard disk space that allows your system to run faster. Delete this data also protects Your anonymity means you can browse online more safely. Built in Registry Cleaner fix errors and broken settings to make your computer more stable. The UI is simple, intuitive and fast but powerful cleanse make CCleaner a favorite among beginners and techies alike. Professional, networking, business and technician Edition CCleaner is also available for users who are serious.

A faster computer

Browsing the internet your computer take a whole host of unnecessary files, cookies and history. The same thing happens when you run programs on your computer-a lot of temporary files and settings are stored. CCleaner removes unused files and settings to free up valuable hard drive space, this allows your system to run faster. The default setting is only focused on the typical junk files and locations so you may miss important information, unless you change it. Startup Cleaner also helps you to identify and remove unused programs that run in the background when you start your computer. This makes the startup time is short and put less strain on Your entire hard drive usage. You can read more about startup support here.

Less crashes & system error

If you see a lot of system freezes, error messages and often experience a crash, it is likely that your registry becomes cluttered with unused files and broken settings. CCleaner's full-featured Registry Cleaner identifies these issues and fix them. Registry analysis takes seconds and cleaning only a little more. Prompt advising you when to Save backups to avoid losing important data.

Safer browsing

Advertisers and websites to track Your online behavior with cookies. Saved passwords, data ditembolok and the history of the internet makes you less secure identity. CCleaner deleting these files to make your browsing experience a secret, you're less likely to suffer from identity theft and/or online scams. Military-grade Drive Wiper ensure any data you want to be permanently deleted, keep deleted.

Cleansing can be customized

CCleaner tool and Options tab allows you to adjust the cleaning options to suit your needs. If you do not know the user, you may want to stick with the default settings secure. Advanced users can uninstall unwanted programs, select the cookie that stores the settings, adjust the cleanup and setup a monitoring system.


CCleaner has gained a position at the top of the cleaner freeware offers such premium features programs struggling to keep up with. Clean, intuitive UI making it one of the easiest program to use, but don't let its size and simplicity fool you. This is a powerful utility to improve your computer's performance. Regular update process Piriform's means the continuous increase and CCleaner its popularity will continue to grow.

Freeware is useful to improve the performance of Your Laptop/PC, usually used on computers that start slow, if often install and uninstall programs from your computer. One of the advantages of CCleaner which works very fast and very efficient in removing temporary files and data that are processed with some browsers and other applications. In addition, you can delete the files of another system that may slow down the Laptop, like a memory dump and log files on Windows, all with a single click. Registry Fixer can fix problems that are found in the Windows Registry, to speed up the operating system and prevent problems that may occur when opening certain applications.
Features Of CCleaner: Excess &

1. clean the Temporary files, history, cookies, autocomplete form history, URURindex.dat files and other useful files are not stored in browsers Internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and other browsers-browser like K-Meleon, Rockmelt, Flock, Google Chrome, SeaMonkey, chromium Canary, Plus Chrome, SRWare iron, a pale Moon, Phoenix, Netscape Navigator, Avant and Maxthon.

2. Clean your Recycle Bin, recent documents, temporary files, Log files, Clipboard, DNS Caching, error reporting, memory dump, a Jump List that is in your windows system.

3. Clean the registry entries that are no longer used as File Extensions, ActiveX controls, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, Uninstallers, shared DLLs, fonts needed, help files, application paths, icons, invalid shortcuts and other entries that are no longer used.

4. clean the temporary files were saved due to the use of a variety of applications such as Windows Media Player, eMule, Google Toolbar, Microsoft Office, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip and other applications.

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